Mark Buzan’s PR and Public Affairs Spot on the Web – A new development has come about.

Action Strategies’ Principal and Chief Magnifying Officer, Mark Buzan has accepted a long term assignment as Executive Director of the Canadian Dental Assistants Association and is not taking on new long term projects at this time.

Action Strategies may undertake a limited number of projects to be carried out by associates or partners.  In addition, Mark is scheduled to speak at a number of conferences this Spring and is still taking on a number of specialized training sessions in public relations, social media, and government relations for both government and non-profit organizations.

“I am excited to take on this opportunity and I am convinced that this new experience as an Executive Director will only further enhance the capabilities that can be offered to current and future non-profit organizations and associations.  Combined with certification I am now seeking as a CAE (Certified Association Executive) from CSAE and very recent acceptance as a Volunteer Advisor with CESO (Canadian Executive Service Overseas), I believe that the future will position Action Strategies and myself better than ever to relate to the needs of the not-for-profit sector,”  says Mark Buzan.