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Action Strategies’ government relations (lobbying) and advocacy work makes certain the positions of associations and NGOs is magnified before influential legislators.
Associations and nonprofit organizations have important messages to get across in support of worthy causes.

Providing grassroots advocacy, government relations (lobbying), and public affairs strategies for nonprofit organizations, associations, and NGOs, we’re a specialist lobbying firm in navigating Canadian government. We magnify your message with Members of Parliament (MPs), Senators, and provincial legislators who need to hear your voice.

Action Strategies’ combination of advocacy and policy research means NGO lobbying is magnified
We create complete advocacy and lobbying campaigns based on evidence based policy research
Elected representatives need to know that your cause will have have a beneficial impact on their constituents. To ensure your communications with government are heard, your association, NGO, or nonprofit organisation needs to have a crafted message that will resonate with the public. Your research needs to be concise and the resulting campaign you deliver needs to be focused on the benefits it will bring to legislators.

  • Action Strategies’ lobbying process focuses on all points of influencing MPs
  • Action Strategies coordinates your grassroots lobbying to create an advocacy initiative to which MPs, Senators and lawmakers listen
  • There 308 MPs and 112 Senators in Ottawa, 108 MPPs at Queen’s Park in Toronto and 125 MNAs in Quebec City!
  • Can you afford you to have you and others out of the office for long periods of time, promoting the change you need for your members and supporters? Action Strategies is your advocate.

Coalitions that add voices to nonprofit causes

Action Strategies creates a dynamic where lawmakers are influenced from various points of contact with specific strategies to mobilize each in favour of our clients’ issues. We base our campaigns on solidly researched messages we know will be receptive to policy makers. We then adapt those messages to various stakeholders who influence lawmakers and motivate them to join in targeted that message to government officials.

Grassroots advocacy and lobbying sets Action Strategies apart from all other government relations firms

Grassroots lobbying campaigns that MPs listen to

Your organization may be under public attack and need to publicly defend your practices and positions. Politically charged settings can present the chance to organize opinion leaders and government decision makes to take action for you. Rally your supporters and advance your cause so that your professional image is not tarnished. If enough media can be generated, an issue is less likely to move off the back burners of debate and push your agenda ahead, making it easier to be heard when you need it most. Strategic partnerships for your issues create strength in numbers. Action Strategies coordinates those alliances creating networks of support and cost sharing.

  • Let a government relations lobbying consultant free up your time and make the magnifying impact your cause deserves
  • Action Strategies offers an extensive list of services in lobbying and government relations
  • Help securing government funds and financial support for your programs
  • Organized meetings with those that count
  • Policy Research and Strategic Advice
  • Concise and effective advocacy letter writing campaigns that motivate the public to your cause
  • Promotional material
  • Media campaigns
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Building a caucuses of MPs and Senators to push for your cause and issues
  • Day on the Hill/Cocktail receptions