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<span id="title-refEl-2260">Integrated marketing delivers strong association sponsor revenue</span>

Integrated marketing delivers strong association sponsor revenue

June 7, 2011; Mark Buzan's PR and Public Affairs Spot on the Web: Why would a potential sponsor wish to support your nonprofit organisation or association? Sponsors and corporate supporters are going to be looking for the answer to the question of "what's in it

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Maximizing Non-Profit marketing, sponsorship and fundraising opportunities for more revenue

How to do we maximize our marketing opportunities for more revenue for our organization? When it comes to sponsorship and the fundraising that results from it, good PR strategy cannot be ignored. In fact, potential sponsors expect you to have a solid communications strategy! I

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The Importance of Public Relations in Fundraising

Back in June of 2007, I recorded this podcast interview with Lisa Crowe of Itancan on the essential value Public Relations and Communications Strategies play in assuring non-profits are financed and why/how sponsors are attracted to supporting organizations. Given the responses I have been receiving

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Teaming up: Partnerships build Funding, Advocacy and Brand Building Opportunities

Partnerships among nonprofits, and between for-profits and nonprofits, are among the best means I have found for non-profits and associations to build brands or advocate causes. The benefits include cost efficiencies, revenue opportunities for nonprofits, more sustainable nonprofit organizations, and better services for communities in

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Mark Buzan and Action Strategies are Accredited in Public Relations

CPRS Accreditation (APR) is a respected measure of professional experience in the field of public relations. Mark Buzan and Action Strategies are Accredited in Public Relations and proud supporters of the Canadian Public Relations Society.

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