Public relations is about building reputations and when it comes to building communications strategies for non-profits and associations, financial resources and staff time need to be maximized for PR Return-on-Investment (ROI).

However, with NGOs facing the many different marketing communications options of social media, media relations, advertizing, event marketing, third party endorsements, etc; How does one ensure real ROI is carried through towards advancing an association agenda?

Good communications strategy should aim towards at least two of the following objectives:

  • Motivating your key audience(s) towards adapting your message and even better, acting upon your call to action
  • Creating a dynamic wherein two-way communication occurs between your organization’s leadership and your audience or stakeholders

Getting to the point however of measuring point for point and dollar for dollar in public relations evaluation strategy does require planning and it can vary depending on marketing communications strategies you integrate into your communications plan.  When I develop a communications plan, some of the evaluation strategies I undertake can include the following:

Social media marketing Goals and Objectives can include:

  • Increasing website visits
  • Increasing the number of blog comments
  • Growing your NGOs number of donor leads
The means of measuring/ evaluating success can include:

  • setting up Google alerts
  • investing in social media monitoring dashboards (contact Action Strategies for setting up your non-profit’s monitoring)
  • Twitter and Facebook searches




Media relations Goals and Objectives can include:

  • Building credibility in the press
  • Positioning your nonprofit organisation as a thought leader
The means of measuring/ evaluating success can include:

  • Measuring tone, quality and quantity in press coverage

One of the best means of measuring media relations coverage is through Media Relations Rating Points (MRRP) – something Action Strategies leverages



Event marketing Goals and Objectives can include:

  • Increased event revenue and attendance
  • Favourable brand experience/ impression after attending the event
  • Degree of participant engagement
The means of measuring/ evaluating success can include:

  • Surveying during and after the event amongst sponsors and attendees
  • Twitter tags are becoming the best way to categorize whatever activity online. Attendees now understand what a tag is and organize their online communication using them. Powerful tags have a catchy message within it and are not too long.





The above is just a sample of what is possible.  What ever your public relations campaign strategy involves, it is critical to consider the finer points of how you will concretely measure and evaluate that which will deliver marketing ROI for your NGO.  What measures is your nonprofit association undertaking?

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