In 2011 over 85 percent of new handsets will be able to access the mobile Web. Today in the US and Western Europe, 90 percent of mobile subscribers have an Internet-ready phone.  Currently, almost one in five people globally accessing the net have access to fast mobile Internet (3G or better) services.

Clearly, mobile SMS marketing is where nonprofit communications, charity fundraising, and nonprofit association membership recruitment and retention campaigns are going in the years to come.  If you refer back to a mobile text marketing blog post I published a few years ago, you’ll note that the possibilities for getting a nonprofit organisation message out is quite extensive.

Among the common possibilities most experimented with, SMS (short message service) or text messaging and multimedia messaging is becoming popular to accomplish a number of objectives:

  • SMS advertising,
  • SMS competitions,
  • SMS polls,
  • Product/service branding,
  • Promotion of specials and offers,
  • Customer loyalty initiatives
  • Chat engines to encourage immediate feedback on a recent company initiative
  • Bulk distribution of SMS messages to your existing lists

Mobile marketing has the potential to provide associations and especially charities the opportunity to engage nonprofit association members and recruit charitable donors with a reminder or incentive anytime, anywhere. More often than not, people engage with mobile marketing calls to action in an instantaneous way because they can do so from anywhere. This allows NGOs the opportunity to fundraise for charities or engage association members in advocacy campaigns all on the go or in an impulsive way.

Text messaging is a very targeted, private medium. Because a cell phone number is a unique identification number associated with an individual person, marketers must be respectful of the privacy and preferences of users. In essence, when a person gives someone their cell phone number they are providing an opportunity to be contacted on a device that is carried in a purse or pocket, which makes for a very direct, personal communication channel.

There are a number of ways that mobile marketing is set to take off and strategies I recommend in mysocial media training series for nonprofit organisations but I would welcome your input.  Where do you think mobile marketing is going in the public relations or marketing sphere for associations, charities and NGOs?

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