Good public relations leads to engaging your association, nonprofit, charity members and supporters. It’s also critical towards ensuring donors and sponsors of charity organizations are aware of the good but often left unknown work they do. After all and as I often say, “If they don’t know ‘ya, they sure won’t give to ‘ya!”
However, I will recognize that it’s one thing for a non-profit orassociation to say that they will engage their members, supporters or donors in a coming campaign, it’s another to successfully implement such a strategy.  Making sure they support and act upon your call to action, requires solidly planning out what’s in it for them and how you intend on getting the message to them in the form they will relate to and with the communicationsvehicle that will resonate with them.  With this challenge in mind, I’ve recently created a new white paper I help you’ll enjoy.
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I attended a good ‘ole fashioned political rally on January 23, 2011 in Ottawa, Ontario held by the Conservative Party of Canada marking their 5th year in office.  Those who follow Canadian politics know that the possibility of a federal election is a very great probability.  With the Conservatives anxious to take on a majority government moving away from the minority they have in parliament, they feel more emboldened than ever with poll numbers which have at times put them in striking range of reaching that objective.

The event was a great opportunity to reconnect with old colleagues, friends and acquaintances from my days when I was a Legislative Assistant on Parliament Hill for Jason Kenney, MP – now the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.

Mixing my ongoing efforts to build bridging and relationships with Members of Parliament, Senators and other policy makers for the benefit of non profit organizations and associations along with my expertise in social media; I recently launched my Flickr account where you can view some of the photos taken.  Enjoy!

If your association or non-profit organisation is looking to build awareness and relationships with MPs, Senators or influential policy makers, drop me a line.

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