January 11, 2015


Additional changes to Facebook Causes are making engagement in social media all the more critical for charitable organizations (and even for causes looking to advance their advocacy initiatives).  I recently received the below email from Facebook Causes.  What do you think?

Hi Cause Creators and Administrators –

We’re reaching out to give you an update on an important change coming to Causes in the next few days. In the past, many cause creators have told us they would like to have a relationship with the nonprofit they chose to fundraise for and many nonprofits have told us they are eager to work closer with the causes you’ve created.

We want to facilitate that closer relationship, so we’re making it easier for the nonprofit you picked to share content with your cause. The nonprofit you chose will now be able to add fundraising projectsand petitions to the cause, and send bulletins to members. As the cause creator, you’ll keep the ability to change or remove the nonprofit your cause supports at any time.

If you would like to talk with someone from the nonprofit, feel free to click on the nonprofit’s name from your cause and send an email to the contact listed on their profile.

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