NonProfits Need to Still Lobby the New Official Opposition

May 30, 2011; Mark Buzan's PR and Public Affairs Spot on the Web: Last week, the cabinet was announced and the Parliament is shaping up even more as the Leader of the Official Opposition, Jack Layton, announced his shadow cabinet on Thursday. While many will argue that lobbying strategy in a majority government changes from government relations advocacy more directly to caucus members in the government and on regional issues (there's some truth to this), it is pure folly for a nonprofit association executive director to ignore the Official Opposition.

Now that the Shadow Cabinet and the Cabinet are all announced, look below to see where your association will need to focus its efforts.  A match up of cabinet ministers versus critics is here:



NDP Critic 

Harper, Stephen (Right Hon.) 

Prime Minister 

Layton, Jack (Hon.) 

Ritz, Gerry (Hon.) 

Agriculture and Agri-Food 

Allen, Malcolm 

Clement, Tony (Hon.)/ Moore, James (Hon.) 

Ethics, Access to Information and Privacy & Copyright and Digital Issues 

Angus, Charlie 

Valcourt, Bernard (Hon.) 

La Francophonie 

Aubin, Robert 

Ablonczy, Diane (Hon.) 

Americas and Consular Affairs (Minister of State) 

Ayala, Paulina 

Moore, James (Hon.) 

Canadian Heritage 

Benskin, Tyrone 

Ambrose, Rona (Hon.) 

Status of Women 

Boivin, Francoise 

Clement, Tony (Hon.) 

Treasury Board 

Boulerice, Alexandre 

Finley, Diane (Hon.) 

Skills (Human Resources and Skills Development) 

Boutin-Sweet, Marjolaine 

Fast, Ed (Hon.) 

International Trade 

Chisholm, Robert 

Lebel, Denis (Hon.) 

Transport, Infrastructure and Communities 

Chow, Olivia 

Uppal, Tim (Hon.) 

Democratic Reform (Minster of State) 

Christopherson, Dave 

Nicholson, Rob (Hon.) 


Comartin, Joe 

Maxime, Bernier (Hon.) 

Small Business and Tourism (Minister of State) 

Côté, Raymond 

Finley, Diane (Hon.) 

Human Resources and Skills Development 

Crowder, Jean 

Kenney, Jason (Hon.) 

Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism 

Davies, Don 

Aglukkaq, Leona (Hon.) 


Davies, Libby 

Baird, John (Hon.) 

Foreign Affairs 

Dewar, Paul 

Ashfeild, Keith (Hon.) 

Fisheries and Oceans 

Donnelly, Fin 

Duncan, John (Hon.) 

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development 

Duncan, Linda 

Raitt, Lisa (Hon.) 

Labour and Official Languages 

Godin, Yvon 

MacKay, Peter (Hon.) 

National Defence 

Harris, Jack 

Clement, Tony (Hon.) 

 Industry and Deputy National Caucus Chair 

   Julian, Peter 

Oda, Bev (Hon.) 

 International Cooperation 

Laverdière, Hélène 

Goodyear, Gary (Hon.) 

 Science and Technology (Minister of State) 

Leblanc, Hélène 

Kent, Peter (Hon.) 


Leslie, Megan 

Shea, Gail (Hon.) 

 National Revenue 

Mai, Hoang 

Menzies, Ted (Hon.) 

 Pensions (Minister of State) 

Marston, Wayne 

Ritz, Gerry (Hon.) 

Canadian Wheat Board 

Martin, Pat 

Wong, Alice (Hon.)                                                   

Seniors (Minister of State) 

Mathyssen, Irene 

Fantino, Julian (Hon.) 

Military Procurement (Associate Minister of National Defence) 

Moore, Christine 

Finley, Diane (Hon.) 

Housing (Human Resources and Skills Development) 

Morin, Marie-Claude 

Van Loan, Peter (Hon.) 

Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons 

Mulcair, Tom 

Gosal, Bal (Hon.) 

Sport (Minister of State) 

Nantel, Pierre 

Flaherty, Jim (Hon.) 


Nash, Peggy 

Finley, Diane (Hon.) 

Employment Insurance (Human Resources and Skills Development) 

Patry, Claude 

Finley, Diane (Hon.) 

Disabilities (Human Resources and Skills Development) 

Perreault, Manon 

Oliver, Joe (Hon.) 

Minister of Natural Resources 

Saganash, Romeo 

Toews, Vic (Hon.) 

Minister of Public Safety 

Sandhu, Jasbir 

Finley, Diane (Hon.) 

Post-secondary Education (Human Resources and Skills Development) 

Sitsabaiesan, Rathika 

Blaney, Steven (Hon.) 

Veterans Affairs 

Stoffer, Peter 

Clement, Tony (Hon.) 

Consumer Protection (Industry) 

Thibeault, Glenn 

Ambrose, Rona (Hon.) 

Public Works and Government Services and National Caucus Chair 

Turmel, Nycole 

What plans does your nonprofit organisation, NGO, charity, or association have to interact with the new Official Opposition?  They may not be the government, but the size of their caucus and the new attention they will gain in the media, will be enough to bring light on the important causes you support.



Mark Buzan is Principal and Chief Magnifying Officer in Action Strategies and leads the firm in its lobbying, grassroots advocacy and government relations services for the nonprofit association sector.

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